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  • SOM- Smart Order Manager
  • SOM- Smart Order Manager
  • SOM- Smart Order Manager

SOM- Smart Order Manager

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Please be aware, the real price of SOM is $350. Only for those who are going to use the SOM on our recommended broker with the redirecting link that is introduced below, the price will be just $144.



SOM is an intelligent Expert powered by AI. It has been built for traders who search for a private assistant to provide the best performance on their Risk Management. As we all know, Risk Management is 70% to 80% of our trading journey, that's why the SOM is the best tool for traders to help them with their risk managing


How does SOM help you to manage your Risk?

SOM has 3 different modes to set risk management, here is an explanation of the modes and also you can watch the video below.


Mode A, in the first mode, you can set fixed TP and SL for each one of your trades, you can define the percentage you want to risk per trade, and it will automatically set your lot size based on the percentage, it also shows you the news time to alert you about it, and also, you can turn on the risk-free feature, and it will automatically risk-free each of your trades. Basically, Mode A is needed for every trader!


Mode B, this mode is for customized strategies or EA trades, the main focus of this mode is on the Forced exit feature. You can define a percentage of your account that you want to have risk on, for example, if you put 20%, SOM will close all your trades as soon as you're on 20% drawdown, and it prevents more loss.


Mode S, this mode is specialized for traders who trade Sinasfx Guarantee Scalp strategy. That means it contains preset settings that make it easier for you to trade this strategy and the only thing is to set your Lot size on your own.


  • Smart Risk Manager

After fixing what you expect from your position and fixing it on your SOM setting, you can lie on the sofa and wait for your targets stressless.

  • News Alarm

SOM makes you aware of everyday important news that may make any momentum in the market.

  • Contains all types of Money Management strategies

Everybody with any trading strategy can use SOM in her\his trade.

  • Improving Traders Psychology

The PNL box on the bottom left side of the chart, showing just the percentage of your profit/loss; will improve trader psychology that there is no need for using Toolbox and struggle with the amount of profit\loss in dollars.

  • Mobile Control Capability

Just, by clicking on ” Manual Trading” and choosing “include” in your setting your position will work also on your phone.

  • Risk free & compound interest capability

You can also risk-free your position and increase your profit by enabling compound interest.

 Here is a video introduction to  SOM EA:



1- After purchasing, download the SOM file and save it on your PC 

Watch the video below for installation steps.

What is the Guarantee?

We made our products with the highest technology, so we are sure of our products, that's why we offer you a refund if you didn't get the promised result. We all know you can't judge an EA in 14 Days and these kinds of refunds are useless, that's why we offer you a 100 Days refund.  LEARN MORE

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You can provide your VPS from anywhere you want; just make sure the provider you're taking your VPS from is a valid one and the servers are always connected and high speed.

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Recommended Broker

One of the most important parameters that affects the performance of the EA is the broker you're using. After testing different brokers, Wingo Markets was the one with the best result because of its speed server, low spreads and Regulations.


Nope, SOM is a helpful EA which only helps you with the risk managment and shows you the level of risk

Not at all, this is a 100% automatic EA, it opens, manages and closes trades by itself.

With GoGold you can expect a 7% to 15% profit

Yes of course

It only works on MT5

The Average Drawdown is 7% to 10%